Spain Classic Raid off-road across the Iberian Peninsula

spain classic raidThe first and only off-road regularity rally for classic vehicles in Spain. From the 19st to the 26th of October, our participants will once again travel 2.100 km in a car of over 25 years of age, to cross the Iberian Peninsula: a great adventure. This is already the fourth edition.

Escudería Etcétera, the company organizing various rallies for classic vehicles, organises a regularity rally in the second half of October that combines competition with adventure, tourism and comradeship between the participants. The rally is all about crossing the Iberian Peninsula, passing through deserts, the Castilian plains and the the beach, all over unmetalled roads and in cars of over 25 years of age.

We all know the adventure raids that hundreds of Europeans join to cross Morocco. At Etcétera we wish Spain to be the country, unique in Europe for its deserts, which the adventurers registering for this rally will have to cross. Culture, gastronomy, architecture and beautiful landscapes are the weapons of choice to conquer those wishing to do something different, outside the usual known to us so far. Other advantages for the participants are mechanical and medical assistance and catering services, all this with the added security of staying in Europe.

Objective of Spain Classic Raid

Spain Classic Raid expects Spanish and foreign participants, with a larger or smaller budget. We do not tag it as a Low Cost Adventure nor as an elitist rally; it is aimed at those who love automobiles and adventure, them being mechanics, students, pensioners or the CEO of a large company, each and every one will have to pass through the same places full of stones, mud, sand, water and dust, all wishing to finish. Anyone can enjoy the world-famous sites and the most secluded places that a route of 2.100 km off-road has to offer.

For those who wish to enjoy this adventure, registration fees range from 230 Euros for one day up to 2300 Euros for the whole raid, sleeping in luxury hotels.